Delivery in Cairo, Egypt.
Jam x Elna2ash Minoufi
Jam x Elna2ash Minoufi
Jam x Elna2ash Minoufi

    Jam x Elna2ash Minoufi

    LE 14,000.00

    We are thrilled to collaborate with ‘Elna2ash’ to bring a fresh twist to Happy Hippo, Filfil and Minoufi! This is a limited edition with only 6 of each made.  They will be delivered with a certificate to declare authenticity.

    Ahmed Fathy, also known as 'Elna2ash', is an Egyptian visual artist born in Cairo in 1993. He started his artistic journey as a street artist, inspired by the events of 2011 in Egypt. In his early years, his work reflected these influences, eventually addressing social issues like combating harassment, street children, rejecting violence, and promoting peace. In 2015, he developed a fascination with using Arabic calligraphy to convey artistic concepts.

    Minoufi dimensions: 75 x 30 x 35 cm
    Lead time 4-5 weeks
    EachMinoufi is hand poured and hand painted. Irregularities are part of this process.  Elna2ash then hand paints each Minoufi, leading to a unique pattern on each of the 6 made.