Delivery in Cairo, Egypt.
I search for, I design, and I utilise fabrics, textures, and colours that tell stories and provoke emotional responses. I thrive on collaboration with fellow designers, craftspeople and artists.
My projects and products celebrate craftsmanship, adventure and discovery.


At Jam Designs & Décor, we believe in designing with stories. Each product has its own story, whether it's in the inspiration found to create a product, the materials used to create the product or the collaborations with other designers/craftspeople or artists that lead to new collections.

We would be happy to tell you the story behind the product you have picked. 

We believe in the personal approach, our products are not mass produced; most are made to order, and most are handmade. Not only does this make each product unique but it also guarantees that each product has received the full attention of the craftspeople making it.

We believe in fair opportunities and fair pay, and make sure all suppliers we work with share our values.