Delivery in Cairo, Egypt.
We love designing furniture and lighting, spending time creating an item that will be comfortable, practical, and beautiful is what gives us joy. As a designer, I mitigate between the desire to draw on heritage and an abundance of skilled handicraft, while keeping up with contemporary international minimalist trends and state of the art manufacturing possibilities

Furniture (17)

Rattan Keel bed and headboard

LE 33,950.00

Rattan Convex bed and headboard

LE 33,950.00

Cane bedside tables

From:LE 8,250.00

Cane bed and headboard

LE 33,990.00

Cane Dresser

From:LE 26,750.00

Grooved tv unit

From:LE 30,875.00

Moga Dresser

From:LE 37,050.00

Bed back Convex

LE 12,500.00

Bed back Keel

LE 12,500.00