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Jam By Hedayat x Kahhal Looms

Last year we entered in a wonderful and special collaboration with Kahhal Looms who were working on an ancient Egyptian collection called ‘Weaving Eternity’. The collection was launched in the halls of the Grand Egyptian Museum in February 2023.

Kahhal Looms specialises in contemporary carpets that have been created through artisanal techniques passed down for thousands of years, with heritage-inspired designs that are quintessentially Egyptian. 

dancing guana wrinkled

The ‘Weaving Eternity’ rug collection saw Kahhal Looms collaborate with three of Egypt’s most adored interior and product designers: Hedayat Islam, Founder of JAM by Hedayat, Shosha Kamal, Founder of Shosha Kamal Design House, and Shewekar El Gharably, Founder of Shewekar Design Studio. Each presented a different approach with designs that have completely different looks and feels from one another despite drawing inspiration from the same source, namely, ancient Egypt’s rich drawings, shapes and motifs.

Guana Kilim under table

When Kahhal approached Hedayat for carpet designs for the Weaving Eternity collection, she decided to use her Nabatat collection as base for the carpet designs.  Hedayat found her inspiration for the Nabatat collection during a visit to the museum and the Botanical Gardens on el Nabatat island.

Cycas folded

The dried specimens in the museum but also the plants in the gardens led her to create a new fabric collection in collaboration with Yousra Soufy. They then used the fabric collection as inspiration for the designs for the carpets.
Each carpet was to be made using a different technique by Kahhal Looms experienced labourers.

We are extremely happy with the end result and are proud to present:        

the Kilim Guana: available in 2 colours
Kilim Guana BlueGuana Kilim pink

Hand-tufted Dancing Guana  available in 2 colours
Dancing Guana in blue in living room setting Dancing Guana in livingroom setting in beige

And finally the Hand-knotted Cycas
Cycas hand knotted carpet in living room setting

These carpets are available in 160 x 80 cm / 200 x 140 cm / 240 x 170 cm / 300 x 200 cm / 250 x 250 cm / 400 x 300 cm at Kahhal Looms.

For enquiries please contact Kahhal Looms directly : +2 012 2911 1561 or visit their website here